Dr. Veronica Brown breast cancer book
Dr. Veronica Brown in Red from Memoir A Journey Endured
Dr. Veronica Bedell Brown in black gown from the memoir A Journey Endured
Dr. Veronica Bedell Brown lying on couch from Memoir A Journey Endured





Meet Dr. Veronica Brown

Dr. Veronica Brown has written a memoir revisiting the day she realized she had breast cancer.  A Journey Endured offers an intimate look at Veronica’s journey when cancer invaded her world. She bravely shares her thoughts, struggles, confusions, and joys from diagnosis through treatment. Veronica brazenly invites readers into the most vulnerable time in her life, empowering others to tell their own stories unashamedly. Dr. Brown reveals how she countered mental agony with faith, favor, and a fearless determination to prevail. Cancer crept into her life when she was at her highest point of her career and health.  Never in a million years did she see this disease coming.  It was Friday, July 19, 2019 a beautiful sunny afternoon, when she was told those three words,“You have cancer.” With no mother or father alive to turn to, she immediately sought comfort and prayer in her sister, brother, and two best friends. She disclosed her illness when she decided to courageously tell the world of her diagnosis on July 30, 2019.  

It came as a relief to allow others to witness her world while she was going through the process. Every footstep she took, every pain she bore, she shared with the world. It was her personal choice to share her experience with everyone, holding no regrets or shame. She recounted every memory on social media, which motivated her to write a book reliving her life with cancer. She felt if others could understand the shoes she traveled in, she might help someone render compassion for a survivor.  After a year on medical leave, she continues to struggle with memory and recalling information, but she is determined to not let that stop her from rising to the top.  Dr. Brown’s memoir was released on May 5, 2022, the weekend leading to Mother's Day. She selected this date to honor her mother who passed on Mother's Day in 2015. And while her mission isn’t complete, she is in the process of writing her third children’s book. This time, it is to help youth deal with a parent being diagnosed with cancer. Her memoir is inspiring. It is her truth.  It is her walk. It is her narrative told in her own way. Life has forever changed for Dr. Veronica Brown and because she endured, she now boldly tells her story in A Journey Endured


"I LOVE your story. You are so inspirational. Thank you for being bold."

C. Blackmon

You have truly walked the fire with grace. Your store products are beautiful. Fearless, you are!


Thank you for being COURAGEOUS and BOLD!

D. McCoy

What a powerful story! It’s even more striking with the photos. You have done a wonderful job of sharing your story, balancing the highs and lows, the doubts and the inspiration. You should be really proud of this book. It will touch so many.

Cassandra Dunn